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ISSN : 2472-999X

IAE members may be interested in the new online resource, “The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture” (JAEA). This peer-reviewed, scientific, open access journal has articles published bi-monthly, which are compiled into an annual periodical at the end of each year. Its purpose is to promote the publication of research devoted to ancient Egyptian architecture (domestic, civil, agrarian, military, ritual/religious, pharaonic, and funerary), from the Predynastic Period to the Roman imperial era, whatever the modern geographical context (Egypt, Sudan, Near East, etc.). The subject scope includes everything relating to construction, regardless of its original importance or purpose. The journal is published through a bespoke online reading interface, with fully interactive footnotes and references, and the use of animations, videos, and 3D reconstructions is encouraged.

The journal publishes fieldwork reports and studies undertaken in the Egyptological tradition, including discussions of epigraphy and iconography, but also work that utilizes specific skills such as structural and materials sciences, or modern investigative techniques. In this way, JAEA seeks to encourage the development of detailed technical descriptions, and deeply theorized understanding (of architectural symbolism, propaganda, climatic and geological influences, etc.). This interdisciplinary approach will help connect adjacent areas of expertise which, alone, could not reflect the richness and complexity of the ancient Egyptian built heritage.

The periodical welcomes any study that meets any one of these goals, only on the condition that the formatting and content of articles are subject to JAEA scientific publication requirements.