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Heliopolis – Kultzentrum unter Kairo : Ägyptisches Museum Leipzig, 17.01. – 03.05.2020


The excavation site of Heliopolis near Cairo (Egypt) gained worldwide fame in spring 2017 with the spectacular discovery of a colossal statue of Pharaoh Psammetich I. Since 2012, excavations have been carried out here by an Egyptian-German team headed by Dr. Aiman Ashmawy (Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities) and Dr. Dietrich Raue (University of Leipzig): The sun temple of Heliopolis was considered one of the religious centers of ancient Egypt. Today, the former place of worship is hidden under the state capital Cairo.

In the exhibition “Heliopolis – Kultzentrum unter Kairo”, current excavation results are now being presented to the public for the first time, providing information about the appearance and history of the Sun Temple. At the centre of the exhibition are original objects from Heliopolis, on loan from the Egyptian Museum Berlin. These include statuettes of Heliopolitan priests and officials as well as components from the interior of the temple.

We cordially invite you to the public opening of the exhibition on Thursday, 16.01.2020, at which our cooperation partners from Cairo are also expected to attend:

The celebrations will begin at 6.15 pm with greetings from the Mayor Burkhard Jung and a lecture by the historian Maximilian Georg under the title “Ohne Oberägypter wäre man hier verloren’ – Ägyptische Arbeiter bei deutschen Ausgrabungen in Ägypten, 1898-1914” in lecture hall 8 (lecture hall building of the University of Leipzig, Campus Augustusplatz, lecture in german language). The exhibition will be opened at 7.15 pm with a festive reception in the Egyptian Museum.

Two guests of honour from Upper Egypt are also expected at the opening: The excavation specialists Rais el-Amir and Ashraf el-Amir, who are supervising the archaeological work in Heliopolis, are the direct descendants of the workers with whom Georg Steindorff carried out his excavations in Egypt and Sudan at the beginning of the last century. The family tradition of the so-called “Quftis” (after the place of origin Quft near Luxor) is also a theme of the exhibition.

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