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How to Join

Online registration

A key feature of the IAE website is the online membership administration system, which considerably simplifies the membership administration for all persons involved. Above all, it enables you to subscribe and to renew your membership directly through the website. When you do so, your name and email address are automatically added to the list of current members of the IAE. This list forms part of the restricted service sites which are accessible for accredited members only.

New members

  • Please fill out the online application form.
  • If you prefer to submit your application by mail, please print the application form, fill in the blanks and sign personally. Send the form to the General Secretary, either by mail or by email attachment. The Secretary General will decide on your application, as soon as possible.

All members

  • Upon approval, the General Secretary will send to you an email including a registration link with payment options.
  • Please set your password and pay your membership fee.
  • After payment you will gain access to restricted sections of the IAE homepage.

Categories of membership

IAE memberships are for individuals only. There are three main categories of membership:

  • Professional membership, open to all scholars having an advanced degree in Egyptology, or in another scientific field but making significant contributions to Egyptology.
  • Associate membership, open to non-scholars with a special interest in Egyptology and/or associated with amateur societies.
  • Student membership, open to students at recognised educational institutions, following a degree programme in Egyptology.

For further details, please see the IAE Statutes.

Membership fee

An annual subscription is payable according to the category of membership. Students are asked to send a copy of their student identity card, both with their application and with their yearly renewal of membership. IAE members may take out a joint subscription with OEB, with different rates for student and full members. In order to unsubscribe, please send an email to the General Secretary:

without access to OEBwith access to OEB
1. Professional or Associate member (individuals)€ 25,00€ 100,00
2. Student and any member from Egypt€ 12,50€ 62,50

Payment of membership fee

The vast majority of IAE members can pay their membership fee most conveniently by the web payment method PayPal. Since PayPal is available worldwide and in all major currencies, currency conversion into Euros is not necessary. The conversion rate will be according to the time of the transaction. What is more, the banking charges, while unavoidable, are reduced to a minimum.

Members for whom PayPal is not available and those who do not want to use PayPal at all are kindly requested to contact the General Secretary ( or their respective national representative
(Presidency and Elected Representatives of the IAE).

Postal address:

Richard Bussmann
Institut für Afrikanistik und Ägyptologie
International Association of Egyptologists
50923 Köln

Email address: