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The International Association of Egyptologists invites bids to host the 13th International Congress of Egyptology (ICE) in 2023.

The International Congress is the largest regular gathering of Egyptologists and specialists from related fields worldwide. It is held every four years and provides hundreds of scholars with the opportunity to share their research with colleagues. Those wishing to present their work must be members of the International Association of Egyptologists and are invited to submit brief abstracts of their proposed presentation to a scientific committee convened by the host institution in advance. Only those whose work meets the required academic standards are invited to present.

The International Association of Egyptologists is a sponsor of the Congress. It received the bids from prospective host institutions, circulates them to its membership, and organises a closed ballot. The institution whose bid receives the most votes will be invited to organise the next event. It is the responsibility of the host institution to arrange and pay for all aspects of the Congress, including the venue, schedule of presentations and associated events, and committees to review proposed presentations. The host should also set whatever registration fee is necessary to cover costs. The IAE will support the organisers in any way possible but it should be noted that the Association’s resources, financial and otherwise, are very limited.

Bids should include the following information:

• The proposed location and venue
• Proposed dates (approximate)
• The host institution(s) and its/their current or historical connections to the legacy of Ancient Egypt or to Egyptology
• The opportunities the host offers for the promotion of Egyptology

Bids should be submitted to the Secretary General no later than 30 April 2019:

8 October 2018
Chris Naunton, President of the IAE