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Dear IAE members,

As you will know, it has been our intention for some time to revise the Statutes of the Association. Most pressingly they must be altered so as to allow for certain formal business to be transacted remotely, i.e. online or via e-mail etc. This has already proven necessary in the past e.g. in 2014/15 when the members were asked to decide on the venue for the next congress, and to elect a new President and Vice President, and it will be necessary to repeat this procedure in the coming year (see below).

The Presidium – Vice President Professor Laure Pantalacci, Secretary General Professor Ursula Verhoeven-van Elsbergen, and I – met in Lyon in August 2018 to discuss the necessary revisions, taking the opportunity to review them comprehensively to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose, and will continue to be so into the future. The members of the Council of the IAE have also now reviewed the draft and the latest version also incorporates their suggestions etc.
We produced a new draft which has also now been scrutinized by the IAE Council. The current draft is available in the attached pdf file as well as on the website

The most substantive adjustments are as follows:
• The membership categories (section 3) have been redefined.
• Members are now asked to uphold a ‘Code of Professional and Ethical Standards’ in their Egyptological Activities. The code, which includes stipulations concerning the trade in antiquities, is added as a new Annex to the Statutes (Annex 1).
• References to the Presidium, Council and General Assembly have been revised to reflect current practices. References to ‘local secretariats’, which no longer have any practical function now that subscriptions are gathered centrally via the IAE website, have been removed.
• Provisions have now been made to allow decisions to be made electronically, in particular on the venue for international congress (Annex 2) and composition of the Presidium (Annex 3).

We would now like to invite you to review the draft and to provide any comments you have no later than Friday 2 August 2019.

Subject to any final revisions that prove necessary a final version will be put to the General Assembly during the International Congress to be held in Cairo in November 2019. Following ratification by the General Assembly the revised statutes will be posted to the IAE website as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

Chris Naunton
President of the IAE
26 February 2019

Letter of the President of the IAE inviting to review and comment the draft until 2 August, 2019 :IAE Letter re Statutes.pdf

Draft of revised statutes :IAE Statutes Revised.pdf