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Note from the organizing committee dated July 9th, 2019 (with additions dated July 11th, 2019):

We are glad to announce that 311 of the participants whose abstracts were accepted for the 12th ICE have paid the registration fees and sent the receipts – as it was announced in the circular. Please find on the other hand, we do not have the proof of payment (the receipt) for 130 other participants. In case any of them have paid before the deadline but not sent their receipt, they will have to send it, not later than July 14th at 5 pm, or their participation will be considered as rejected, as the final schedule will be published shortly after this date.

Please note:
1) the entry below from April 26th, 2019 informed about the payment procedure and sending the to:
2) July 14th, 2019 is not a new deadline for paying the fees, but only a deadline for those delegates giving a a paper who paid their fees already and did not yet send their receipts or proofs of their payment by 30 June 2019.

The colleagues who did not pay the fees whether during the early or late registration period, their participation and papers will be considered as rejected. However, we appreciate their interest in the participation in the congress.

Best regards,
Mr. Ahmed Ebeid
President of the Organizing Committee
Paid list 9 July 2019_IAE and ICE 12 websites.pdf

P.S.: If you don’t find your name in the list but you were accepted for a paper and paid your fees already, please send your receipt and contact the organizing committee: