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Dear colleague,

Since it’s now been many years since KRI was available in print, Professor Kitchen and I are presently considering issuing a re-print of the entire series under the auspices of my publishing company, Abercromby Press. In order to keep prices as low as possible, it would be our intention to publish the original hieroglyphic editions in softbound volumes – with the larger tomes such as 2, 5 and 6 probably having to be split over two volumes. Each volume will be supplemented with appropriate indices. Although no final decision has been made regarding the pricing structure, we anticipate that no single volume would cost more than £50.

Before putting words into action, we would very much appreciate our colleagues’ thoughts as to whether this is a work that they would welcome to see back in press, and perhaps obtain for their personal libraries. If so, would you prefer to sacrifice the quality and durability of a hardbound volume for a lower cost softbound production, and would an approximate price of £40 per volume seem reasonable to you?

With many thanks and best wishes,

Contact: Benedict Davies (