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Dear Fellow IAE members,

With the Florence ICE ahead of us, it is time to begin thinking about new leadership for the IAE. According to the IAE statutes, we need nominations for the position of President and General Secretary.

Candidates for either position must be Professional Members of the IAE. Candidates for General Secretary can be nominated by other IAE members or can nominate themselves. The duties of the General Secretary, as detailed in the statutes, include responsibility for the central administration of the Association and its finances, keeping the list of members up to date, and facilitating contact between the IAE and its members.

According to the statutes, candidates for President can also be nominated by other IAE members or can nominate themselves. In this case, however, the nomination must be supported by the names of ten Professional Members of the IAE, and must include a statement of the nominee’s affiliations (e.g., university, museum, professional societies), professional qualifications, and the nominee’s vision of “a four year plan for the activity and development of the Association.” There are no nominations for Vice President; by statute, the presidential candidate receiving the second-highest number of votes become Vice President.

All nominations should be submitted to the General Secretary ( by May 31, 2015. Nominations will be posted on the IAE website as they are received.

Voting by IAE members will begin in June on the IAE website, and will end on July 31, 2015.

The General Secretary will tally the votes, notify the three candidates selected, and the results will be announced at the first general meeting at the Florence ICE, at which point the new officers will assume their positions.

The offices of President, Vice-President, and General Secretary are a burden as well as a privilege, but they offer a unique opportunity to help shape and guide the general direction of international Egyptology. Please encourage your colleagues to think seriously about running, and please consider doing so yourself.

James P. Allen
President of the IAE