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Prior to the XIth International Congress of Egyptologists in Florence, all professional and honorary members of the IAE had been called upon to elect a new Presidency and Council. The following colleagues have accepted their election for the four year term of office from August 2015 until the next congress in 2019:

Dr. Christopher Naunton (Egypt Exploration Society London)

Professor Dr. Laure Pantalacci (Université de Lyon)

General Secretary:
Professor Dr. Ursula Verhoeven (Universität Mainz)

Members of the Council as National Representatives:
• Bárta, Professor Dr. Miroslav (Czech Republic)
• Chauvet, Dr. Violaine (UK)
• Coulon, Dr. Laurent (France)
• David, Dr. Arlette (Israel)
• El-Aguizy , Dr. Ola (Arab Republic of Egypt)
• El-Leithy, Dr. Hisham (Arab Republic of Egypt)
• Jenni, Professor Dr. Hanna (Switzerland)
• Jiménez-Serrano, Dr. Alejandro (Spain)
• Köhler, Professor Dr. E. Christiana (Austria)
• Liptay, Dr. Éva (Hungaria)
• Niwinski, Professor Dr. Andrzej (Poland)
• Piacentini, Professor Dr. Patrizia (Italy)
• Ryholt, Dr. Kim (Scandinavian countries)
• Saleh, Dr. Mohamed (Arab Republic of Egypt)
• Schulz, Professor Dr. Regine (Germany)
• Shirley, Dr. J.J. (USA)
• Staring, Nico, MA (The Netherlands)
• Willems, Professor Dr. Harco (Belgium)

Ex officio (yet to be completed):
• Eldamaty, Professor Dr. Mamdouh (Minister of Antiquities and Heritage of Egypt)
• Bavay, Prof. Dr. Laurent (Directeur de l’IFAO Caire)
• Belova, Professor Dr. Galina A. (Russian Institute of Egyptology in Cairo)
• Meyer, Dr. Marleen de (Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo)
• Pieke, Dr. Gabriele (Secretary General of CIPEG)
• Pilgrim, Dr. Cornelius von (Director of Swiss Institute Cairo)
• Seidlmayer, Prof. Dr. Stephan J. (Direktor des DAI Kairo)
• NN (Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology)